Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pedrosa Signs for Honda? Not so fast...

Yesterday's surprise announcement that HRC had signed both it's riders and Pedrosa/Puig's response to the contrary continues to play itself out. Apparently the sticking point in the negotiations is Alberto Puig (sounds like spooge) himself. According to Spanish newspaper El Periodico, Honda brass wants Puig to take a much reduced role (if any) in the operation of the team. Pedrosa now virtually controls development of the RC212V with Puig participating to the point of being present in meetings with the Japanese engineers responsible for the project. At yesterday's press conference, New (There's been a lot of turnover in this position as of late) HRC Head Honcho Suzuki sidestepped the issue by stating that the structure of the organization was in flux and the company had not decided Puig's role.

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